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BELLY massage breathing & OMs ..1st NAVEL pressing REACTION (

via YouTube Capture.

TAO Belly Navel CHI NEI TSANG is DETOX self-massage .. guided how to

via YouTube Capture.. Kawakeb Astra Channel's OMPHALOS Series .. easy guided learn how Self-massage for Abdomen & Navel ..Ancient 5000 year old TAO practice relieves stress & detox

OMPHALOS BELLY NAVEL Emotional & Physical Detox Self-Massage INTRO

via YouTube Capture. ⚠ Not for pregnant or women w IUD ( intra uterine device) .. or those w pacemakers ... This is a safe self-healing massage based on a Thousand year old TAO

Sexy MELISENT's fun ..How to sensual BELLY navel Massage for beginners

via YouTube Capture.. it's How to w Comedy Sexy Melisent shows how to do a sensual massage to stimulate Belly Navel Omphalos energy .. this technique is a guided practice.. U need

Mumtaj navel fingering sexy belly

navel... hot belly/navel fuckin

Send me a message ;)

Diamond OMPHALOS BELLY rolls .. NAVEL laughing YOGA meditative .. w messages

via YouTube Capture.. LOVE ❤ U .. Sweet Omphalos ..deep hot sexy Navel gazers & sensitive Belly Roll lovers .. is my belly being too materialistic or wise... with some laughing


MORE VIDEOS ON: http://www.massage-asmr.com/ Check my other videos: https://youtu.be/wsAY2Bqfniw https://youtu.be/o5IE3lU-2wk ...

Navel hypnosis ..& why I'm afraid to post OMPHALOS Navel belly button videos

via YouTube Capture.. Navel Hypnosis .. our thoughts create our reality .. so think positive thoughts .. I will do the same when it comes to future OMPHALOS Navel Belly Button mass

BELLY & NAVEL MASSAGE self-healed my tooth pain ..w Serious Oracle of OMPHALOS TALK

via YouTube Capture.

GENTLE Finger-tip OMPHALOS Belly Navel MASSAGE ..how to & effect on me

via YouTube Capture. gentle finger tip touch has big effect .. a self healing & pleasurable experience .. I felt the stimulation of lower chakra & G Spot .. became distracted & did

oily sexy belly button (navel play)

instagram @dany_fettmodel and @dany_navel.

HOT Punjab Bhangra Navel RAKS floor & belly rolling show w SWORD

Kawakeb NYC belly dances (RAKS) to Punjabi Bhangra w beautiful belly Roll & close up .. Veil & Floorwork w Sword balancing.

Playing With My Belly Button - Cold Ice cube :)

Placing an ice cube in my bellybutton, and struggling to get it out :P.

Belly massage + navel fingering

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