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Choti Bahu - Episode 356

Dadi says that only Devki can tell everyone whether Radhika is saying the truth or not. But since Devki is away on a pilgrimage, Shastriji stays back at Vrindavan. Devki calls Radh

Choti Bahu - Episode 358

With Shastriji by her side, Devki gets the courage to tell everyone what really happened during Dev's first wedding. But Shastriji suffers from a minor stroke. Ammaji uses the oppo

Choti Bahu - Episode 359

Devki questions Ammaji for defending Vishakha for so long when she herself had snapped all relations with her. Ammaji realizes her mistake and decides to go after Shastriji. Vishak

Choti Bahu - Episode 357

Ammaji greets Devki at the gate and tells her about Vishakha's pregnancy. She lies to her that the child was Vishakha and Dev's child and that Radhika was responsible for the child

Choti Bahu - Episode 360

Radhika explains that she lied to protect Shastriji's honor and to save the Purohits from humiliation. However, Sushil tries his best to make sure that Radhika is punished. Dev rem

Choti Bahu - Episode 367

The Purohits arrive at the picnic spot. Shantanu arrives in Vrindavan and meets Shastriji. Shantanu says that he is searching for the right path and convinces Shastriji to allow hi

Choti Bahu - Episode 355

Ammaji blatantly lies and says that Radhika is lying to steal Vishakha's rights from her. Dev dismisses Ammaji's testimony and says that he still believes that Radhika is telling t

Choti Bahu - Episode 354

Shastriji finds it difficult to believe Radhika's statement of being Dev's first wife. Radhika tells Shastriji that Ammaji and Devki know the truth too. Shastriji calls Ammaji and

Choti Bahu - Episode 420

Mata Ramji rescues Radhika from Rajjans clutches, unaware who is the girl whom he had abducted. Rajjans guards chase Radhika, but she manages to escape. While Rajjan tells Kanika t

Choti Bahu - Episode 353

Radhika tries to convince Dev that she is his first wife by reminding him of all the things he thought he had told Vishakha during his first wedding. Vishakha tries to disprove Rad

Choti Bahu - Episode 364

With Vishakha's shadow erased from their lives, Dev gets eager to spend some intimate moments with Radhika. Dadi tells Radhika that she can consider her to be her best friend as we

Choti Bahu - Episode 325

Dadi and Vaishali refuse to speak with him, Dev also sees his position as Rajpurohit under threat since Arjun starts sharing his responsibilities. Radhika calls Shastriji to reques

Choti Bahu - Episode 347

Vishakha is adamant to do puja (ritual) but Vaishali and Dadi order her to stop. As Vishakha doesn't budge, Dadi catches her hand forcefully which hurts Vishakha. The story takes a

Choti Bahu - Episode 351

Radhika unwillingly sends Dev to Vishakha's room. Vishakha apologizes to Dev for her past acts. Radhika asks Lord Krishna whether she did the right thing. Lord Krishna appears in f

Choti Bahu - Episode 346

The lawyer advices Dev to file a divorce all over again, and get the divorce papers signed from Vishakha again. Vishakha feels jealous seeing the love between Dev and Radhika. Dev

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